Relax & enjoy the views of Asia!! There’s nothing easier than waking up in resorts with tropical waters a stone’s throw away – perfect to hit the ocean nice & early. Have the convenience of riding straight into the sea from the doorsteps of your stay! There are plenty to explore for all and a variety of accommodation options to suit your preferences & budget.

Most locations have summer all year long – book with us now!
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Beginner/First Timer

We love beginners & first timers! Courses are run by highly experienced diving operators who love to help everyone get into the ocean! Beginner courses are gentle, safe & still offer stunning views that everyone craves!
This course is for people who have NEVER EVER been in the ocean before. Situation permitting, trips will range from 1 to 3 hours. One on One – your safety is the utmost concern under the supervision of diving professional. Earth is 72% ocean, don’t miss the party!
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Leisure Diver

To all divers out there, you are always in pursuit of your perfect underworld views. Be it cave, coral reefs, drift, shipwrecks, night dive, and so on – you name it, we have it. Our recommended operators have been scouting for years. Countless of locations to choose from!
What you get – Go deeper into the water and experience different conditions. Hone your skills by staying longer under the sea! If specialty diving is also what you’re after, fret not ! There are plenty of photography opportunities down there!
Not your absolute first time? Looking to progress further? Good, get ready now!


Get yourself in shape and travel the world now! Looking to improve your dive and gain recognized dive qualification? – the real deal is here for you. Chill out with some awesome adventures around the world. Work hard, play hard, and our community has always been young at heart! Get hired, travel the world, for your dream job, fast!
The ocean is your office, and the world is at your feet!
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Profile pictures on Facebook? VitaminSea deficiency? Or looking to charter new waters with your mates? Bingo, get out of bed early and discover the best options with us! We have many recommendations to help you find the perfect dive holiday for you! Get the right accommodation, pick a course of your choice, and you’re ready to break your diving holiday off to a flying start!
Meeting buddies along the way is the norm in this fun filled community. Whether you are a beginner or advanced, looking for just a quick weekend breakaway, or craving to build your technique and confidence. The ultimate objective is always to have as much fun as you can!
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Land accommodation, too mainstream? Live in the open sea and explore waters beyond the reach of ordinary resorts! Name the most remote destinations, and off we go! Worry not, we have all you need on board! Get to destinations further away where only few can reach – what more could you ask for!
Yes, you will miss the local nightlife. But with no resorts to check in, nights filled with infinite numbers of stars, and the multiple dives which you can take from dawn to sunset, there’s no better way to get away from the doldrums of everyday life.

We only work with the most experienced operators and ensure you have the finest Liveaboard experience. Take dive to the next level now!


Fish, rays, turtles, you name it, we’ve got it! Even the most inexperienced snorkeler can have a great time swimming with them! If you can swim, you can snorkel, no special training required. Hence, start this adventure with enthusiasm and leave with an experience of a lifetime! View Package